About Covenant Global Ministries

Covenant Global Ministries is a non-profit making Christian organization (Reg.No. S.5914/8527)/BRS-INCC-9-17/52408 , which constitutes an autonomous entity distinct from its members and partners and affiliates worldwide.T

he motto of Covenant Global Ministries shall be “Go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations” according to Matthew 28:19 (ESV).

There is hereby established an organization to be known as Covenant Global Ministries. The registered office of Covenant Global Ministries is in the Republic of Uganda.

The emblem and logo of the organization is;

  1. World Globe map meaning that we are to reach the whole world with the message of the cross
  2. Open Bible as the standard of truth on which the world should stand on
  3. Crucifix of Christ on which he was hanged for the sins of the whole world

The founder is Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe married to Sarah Nayebare with three children; Grace Akatwijuka ,Seth Amazing Nkwatsibwe and Meek Ndyamusimanta . Pastor Moses is the senior pastor of Kiburara Gospel Centre Church located in Ibanda district in the Ankole kingdom in  southwestern province of Uganda, in the republic of Uganda; Kiburara trading centre boarders with Kamwenge district and is surrounded by six villages with over 1000 families of different tribes, religious beliefs and nationalities.

She is a humble village deriving its fame from the former Uganda railways and tsetse flies control headquarters of western Uganda in the early 40s and currently the Uganda prison farm. it is dominated by medium substance farming with 90% being crop growing.
Ibanda district was curved out of Mbarara district in July 2005. It covers an estimated area of 967 sq km. The district borders with Mbarara district to the south, Kiruhuru to the east, Bushenyi to the west and Kamwenge to the north. Ibanda is traversed by 1025 km of road, composed of 83km of urban road and 942km or rural roads.
The district is composed of two constituencies of Ibanda North and Ibanda South. Kiburara is in ishongororo Town council of Ibanda North constituency. Ishongororo is the most populated with 37,247 people at a growth rate of 2.9%, Male population 108,711 and female population 113,987 ( UBOS,2005)