About the Founder

Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe got saved in 1983 at the age of 11 years. He went up to high school and after high school; he began Kiburara Gospel Centre in Feb 1996 at the age of 24. He married Sarah Nayebare in 2002 and currently has three beautiful children, Grace Akatwijuka, Nkwatsibwe Seth Amazing and Meek Ndyamusimanta.

It was in 1998, when Pastor Moses went for training in B.A.Bible/Theology at Alpha-omega Seminary at Jinja, Uganda in association with Global University-Springfield, Missouri, USA.He graduated in September 2006. The M.Theo, and Doctor of Divinity from Covenant School of Ministry & Divinity, Mindoro, Philippine.

1998-2006 - he was team leader of the Kiburara Gospel Centre Church in Western Uganda. His activities consisted of training and building youth involvement and integrated sustainable development through evangelism, life skills, self help activities that promote self reliance and youth programs like conferences, seminars and gospel crusades.

2007 to 2008 - Program Supervisor with Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization in Kamwenge Uganda

In the 1996, Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, 24, had a passion for Christ and ministering to inmates who believed that there was no hope for the future, so he planted Kiburara Gospel Centre Church which began in Kiburara Prison Farm Hall.

The church began with two families and a congregation of two people.
As time went on, these two families received the vision of reaching out to the community with the message of hope, which led to many souls turning to Christ.

Through their efforts, the church grew. Currently the church has grown to 300 members and 3 local churches in the neighborhood.Kiburara Gospel Centre Church continues to be a growing, culturally diverse church with evangelistic passion, love for the local community, and commitment to planting other churches.
Our church is building a permanent worship center that will seat 500 members.

This will be a meeting place for the three local churches in the neighborhood communities and all those who wish to come.

Our three daughter churches that were planted: Kakinga Gospel Center August 2007, Rwenyawawa Gospel Centre Church May 2008 and Ncwano C Gospel Centre May 2009 respectively. These three churches began in rented places but in 2009, they all acquired their own plots; they are now building temporary shelter.

Pastor Moses is the senior Pastor of Kiburara Gospel Centre in western Uganda and he is the founder of Covenant Global Ministries registered with the NGO Board Kampala, Uganda (S.5914/8527) to implement its goals and registered with Uganda Bureau Registration Services (BRS-INCC-9-17/52408 )