Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To establish, develop, administer and operate local churches throughout Uganda and the immediately adjacent areas of other nations with the goal that each church become:
    (i) a self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating fellowship that
    (ii) believes, obeys and instructs its members to live in surrender to Jesus as Lord, by the empowerment of        the Holy Spirit,
    (iii) providing its members with the sacraments of water baptism and the Lord’s table, and
    (iv) providing instruction in Godly living, in accordance with Biblical Christian doctrine.
  2. Either singularly or in association with other entities, undertakes efforts to improve maternal and infant health.
  3. Establish institutions of education, such as kindergartens, nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, vocational training schools, Bible colleges and institutes.
  4. Establish programs and facilities providing social services, such as housing assistance, orphan care, medical and dental care, and rehabilitation.
  5. To train and send teachers,  instructors, evangelists, missionaries and other ministries to any part of Uganda and elsewhere to establish Biblical governance in local and branch churches, assemblies of believers, and in women’s and youth groups subordinate to those churches.
  6. To establish, develop and operate charitable programs for social development, relief, and rehabilitation to people effected by natural or human disasters, or by disease and plagues.
  7. To undertake efforts in support of community building programs and organizes and operates courses providing individuals with special skills in the subjects of, in order to promote self-sufficiency and an increased standard living.
  8. To take steps, by personal or written appeal, radio broadcast or other publication, public meetings or otherwise, to procure contributions for the funding of the infrastructure, programs and administration of the organization through gifts, endowments, and donations of cash, negotiable instruments, or real or personal property.
  9. To establish and discontinue local and branch churches; to add existing churches to the fellowship of churches submitting to the governance of CGM and, for good cause shown, remove churches from such fellowship of churches
  10. To establish, operate and discontinue programs and projects not explicitly specified in this Constitution, in Uganda and elsewhere (where legally authorized) when to do so would be for the purpose of accomplishing any one or more of the purposes of  the organization as set forth above.