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    In honor of Real Simple's 15th anniversary, we rounded up a decade-and-a-half's worth of our best stain removal advice to compile this comprehensive guide.If you've spilled it, we'll help you figure out how to clean it up.

  • Which Stain Remover Works Best On Stains? - Science Fair

    Which Stain Removal Removes Stain the Best? Which stain removal works best on removing stains? I chose this because I often accidentally stain things, so I was interested to know which could help me the best. My hypothesis is that Oxiclean will work the best because it seems to be the strongest.

  • Best Wood Stain Removers 2019 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

    You should not count the pre-mixed solutions out, though. This option of wood stain remover is great for quick jobs or instances when you do not have the time to combine water with powder and stir. Conclusion. You may want to choose the DEFY wood cleaner if you are looking to purify wood that is severely worn.

  • S T A I N R E M O V A L

    care of clothing is the removal of spots and stains. Clothing is frequently discarded due to stains or damage to the fabric caused by Move the absorbent material frequently totrying to remove a stain. Stain removal can be safe and effective if a few simple rules are observed.! Remove the stain yourself, or have stain removed by a professional ...

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    Gram-stain is one of the commonly used differential stains. The Gram-staining process discovered in 1882 (published 1884) by Hans Christian Gram, a Danish bacteriologist and plays an important role in the classifying the bacteria. Gram-staining is usually the first step in identification bacteria and can be used in characterizing bacteria.

  • Laundry Detergent Comparison Science Project

    Before you draw a final conclusion, the data should be analyzed. You can use statistics to determine if there is a stronger relationship between certain types of detergents and stain removal than there is between other types.

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    Students, teachers and parents are all interested in knowing which stain remover product best cleans dirty clothes. Luckily, testing household products can easily be turned into a science fair ...

  • 5 Best Carpet Stain Remover Reviews - Best Way to Remove Stain

    A lot of the carpet stain removal sprays you can purchase will help to remove the stains but, for a sure bet, choose a cleaner specially formulated to clean up wine stains; Blood: If you've had an accident and spilled some blood on your carpet, try not to worry too much. While the stain is still wet, it's pretty straightforward to clean up.

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  • How to Remove Common Clothing Stains | The Art of Manliness

    Conclusion: Immediate Action is the Best Product. Nothing treats a stain as well as immediate action. Get some room temperature water on it right away and you're doing well. Once you've got the stain thoroughly soaked, you can take the time to look up the appropriate treatment, or get it to a professional cleaner.

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    Whether it's washing silk, cotton or even denim, we at Tide believe you should pay special attention to each garment while doing the laundry. Learn all about washing and how to care for different fabrics in our articles on fabric care, so both you and your clothes can look their best all the time.

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    If you notice soiling in the carpet from something previous, don't put off the stain removal process. Don't get out your vacuum and start sucking up the stain quite yet. That will come once you pull the stain out. The longer a stain sits, the more it sets into the fibers of your carpet. Eventually, if left untreated, it will become permanent.

  • Hemostatic, milk clotting and blood stain removal potential ...

    Enzyme activity without any detergent was considered as 100%. To evaluate the stain removal, clean cotton cloth pieces (5 × 5cm) were soiled with blood, dried and incubated in 1% detergent with 0.1 mg/ml of crude enzyme for 5 h, same size cotton cloth with blood stain soaked in 1% detergent alone served as the control.

  • How to Remove Wood Stain from Carpet | The Ultimate Guide

    How to Remove Wood Stain from Carpet | The Ultimate Guide. Wood stains on carpets are caused for the most part by furniture or by wooden walls. While you can do the best you can to avoid getting stains onto your carpet, Murphy's Law still applies if something could go wrong, it will go wrong" accidents do happen.

  • The effectiveness of four methods for stain removal from ...

    Conclusion. Compositions of resin-based composite resins play an important role in their susceptibility to stain and their amenability to stain removal procedures. Home bleaching showed good results for the three materials, while office bleach was the least effective.

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    Stain Removal Chemistry Test Lab Staining of Fabrics A. Each piece of fabric needs to be cut into a 2"x2" square. You will need one swatch or each desired stain. If testing water you may need two swatches. Keeep track of your results by attaching your completed swatch to a piece of paper containing the following table.

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    Taylor A. Moreland The Battle of the Laundry Detergents J1124 Objectives/Goals The purpose of this project was to find out which laundry detergent worked best on removing stains. I think that Tide laundry detergent will work best on removing stains. Methods/Materials

  • The Experiment - Science Assignment

    Put all 4 stained fabrics (1 tomato stain, 1 mud stain, 1 highlighter /texter stain and 1 water paint stain) into the hot water, give a mix and leave them for 330 minute; After 30 minutes take them out and give them a rinse with warm water and them d; Record the results and of each fabric Do the whole process again but use cold water this time.

  • laundry detergent to break down staining molecules. A common ...

    A common belief about stain removal is that the quicker a stain is removed, the better it will come out. For this experiment, ketchup has been chosen as a staining agent because in past experience its red pigment has been known to cause stains. The lab will test whether or not the age of a ketchup stain influences the ease of its removal.

  • The Quickest Way to Remove Varnish & Stain Without Sanding ...

    Removing old varnish and stain can give wood a fresh start. Sanding is one of the most common methods, as it cuts through varnish and stain, and reveals a fresh layer of wood. Although sanding is ...

  • Conclusion - Stain Remover

    Conclusion What I have learned from this experiment is that the most effective stain removers are Shout Triple Action and Resolve Max Force. I also learned that Yellow mustard is the hardest stain to remove compared to the rest which where red wine and tomato sauce.

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    The conclusion of Stain Removal summarizes the implications of thinking ethics and race through the stain by musing upon the dreams of ethical and racial futures as guided by the poetry of Langston Hughes. Rather than aggressively reenlist the vivid dream of ethically unmarked bodies it provides a hearing for peripheral reveries of the coming ...

  • Stain Removal With Polishing - Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

    This technique uses specially designed armamentarium to deliver subgingival irrigation to remove plaque and debris. 17 Dental hygienists may consider the benefits of augmenting polishing procedures with subgingival air polishing irrigation to offer stain removal benefits along with biofilm removal benefits. 16. CONCLUSION

  • Stain Remover - Introduction

    My name is Rachel Israel and I chose to do the project on stain removal because we all hate when you are wearing your favorite outfit and a piece of your meal misses your mouth. You never know what is the best stain remover to grab when your in a hurry.

  • What stain remover works best? - Science Fair

    The first thing I did was cut up tee shirts so I did not need to cover as much. Next I took a spoonful of each stain and put them on the shirts.I let the stains set for one hour The stains I used were cochlet,musterd,and dressing i chose those three things because I believed that would be the best to test because they stain very bad.

  • My journey to teeth stain removal and whitening - Conclusion ...

    My final review video of my home whitening treatment. I've included pictures and a thorough explanation to conclude my thoughts on whether they indeed do whiten and remove teeth stains...

  • 5 Best Laundry Stain Removers (Updated 2019)

    Conclusion. Whatever you might find yourself using, stain removers are essential parts of the laundry room. If you've never used them beforfe, you might just be surprised at just how well you can handle the various things which might come into contact with your clothing.

  • Red, Red Wine (Conclusion) | American Drycleaner

    Stain removal is more than putting a chemical tool on the stain and then blowing the stain away with steam. Thought must be given to the fiber content and the stability of the dye or ornamental trim that could be damaged by the chemical or mechanical action.

  • Peroxide and Dawn Stain Remover - Another Success Story - The ...

    #2. A garment with a dried-on blood stain of several hours had not been through the laundry yet. Fabric content was 93% nylon/7% spandex. This stain was only partially removed, with similar results as laundering with Shout and Tide. Treating it when fresh could have made much difference, but nylon/spandex may be a factor as well. #3.

  • Slam That Stain (Conclusion) | American Drycleaner

    It is a bad sign when the customer has neglected a blood stain and, through the passing of time, that blood has changed from red to brown, then to black. I have seen many garments chaffed by overly aggressive mechanical action in stain removal. The explanation is "blood is blood." To which I reply: "Time always makes things tougher."

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    Stain removal is the process of removing a mark or spot left by one substance on a specific surface like a fabric. A solvent or detergent is generally used to conduct stain removal and many of these are available over the counter.